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Pictures of Azad (Tehran-Markaz)

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Contributed By: Pejvak

Contributed By: Saeid

BARGH 65, Xmas party 2002 From left, Hamid Beheshtian, Forouzan Razaghi, Ali Hashemi, Nader Afshari, Mehdi Behnami, Shaheen Hashemi

Naghmeh Pouyan

Azad Markaz Buffet 1372 - From left: Amir Arsalan'e Namdar-Behzad KazKaz-Mahyar Kashi-Mahmoud ZZ-Vala 519-Rouzbeh Khoshgele-(Photografer:Ali Banava)

(ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 1365) California, Irvine, April 2002 Left ( Ali Motamed Hashemi, Hamid Beheshtian, Dr. Nader Afshari, Forouzan Razaghi, Keyvan Nazari, Shahin Motamed Hashemi)

Reunion of graduates

Reunion of graduates

Reunion of graduates

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