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Pictures of Kharazmi School

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Mr. Radmanesh

By: Mohammad-Reza Radmanesh

Kharazmi cultural group is the largest and most famous educational organization in Iran. This group was founded under the name of the great scholar mathematician “Kharazmi” during the academic year 1338-1339 by number of celebrated teachers of mathematics who were mostly authors and translators. A number of founders were misters: Bagher Emami, Azghomi Chavochian (Hadi), Gholam Behnia, Parviz Shahriari. The first high school for boys (No 1) was established in the academic year 1339-40 and the following year the first girls school (No 6) managed by Mrs. “Abaian” was Founded and continued its activities until 1359. This high school was considered the largest and most famous school of the country in terms of quality and quantity. There were 2700 students in 1359. Later, the following high schools were gradually established:

  • Baharestan boys high school (No2)

  • Elementary School Peyvand-e-elm Pahlavi Avenue (No7)

  • Ershad boys high school at Narmak (No3)

  • Elham girls high school at Narmak

  • Shemiran Boys and girls high school

  • Peyvad-e Honar (No 8) - Elementary and pre high school for girls and boys at Yousef-Abad

  • Rasht Ave pre-high school for girls

  • Fagram high school for boys (at 25 Shahrivar Square)

  • Darolfonon boys and girls high school west Tehran (Tehran Villa)

Kharazmi languages institutes:

  • Kharazmi language center at Anatolfrans Avenue

  • Kharazmi languages institute at Shemiran

  • Kharazmi language institute at Navab Avenue

  • Kharazmi language institute at Shabaz Avenue

Overall educational institution of the group was 10 high schools 2 elementary schools 3  pre-high schools 4-language institutes and 6 night classes for university entrance exams and extra curriculum units which were located at the location of daily high schools.

Among other activities of the group foundation of Kharazmi publications company which in a very short time and published the works of the greatest foreign and home authors , (Mr,Parvis Shahriyari) member of the board of directors, was the initial founder of this publication center.

Kharazmi cultural group is proud to announce that its graduates have been very successful and have gained significant positions throughout the world in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Management, Law, Economics and Research activities. This group is also proud to have gained confidence of many people from various classes of community including university Professors, Teachers, Lawyers, Workers, Businessmen, Clergymen, Military People, Merchants, etc. They all sent their childrens to this institution for study and training in the university entrance exams or language classes.

The Managing Directors were gentlemen:

  • Mohamad-Bagher Azgomi, Bagher Emami, Mahmoud Arabof, Mohammad-Reza Radmansh, and Masih Masoudi

  • The group was founded and expended up to 1348 when Mr Bagher Emami was the manager.

  • During MrArabof management university entrance exams classes were extended and the number of schools increased. (up to1354).

  • During Mr. Radmanesh’s management, with cooperation of the board of directors, the group was more uniformed and the standard of training was substantially elevated. Also the number of university entrance exams classes was increased (until 1359).

2) Chairman of the board of directors were misters:

  • Mansoor Meshginpoosh, Mohamad-Reza Radmanesh

  • Hadi Chavoshian, Masih Masoudi, Parviz Shahriari

  • Managing directors of Shemiran kharazmi group were misters: Teimourtash, Nemat, Firouznia and Banihashemi.`

  • Managing director of shargh group Mr. Farnia

  • Managing directors of Fargam group misters: Lahiji, Behtash, Saneie.

  • Managing director of Gharb group Mr. Sadrolgharavi.

3)  Members of the board of directors were:

Mrs. Abaian Misters: Azgomi, Biazar, Adibi, Khorsand, Arabof, Nemat,V asighi, Radmanesh, Masoudi, Meshginpoush, and Rasaie.

4) School Principals:

 Principals were selected among the most famous and experienced folks and they were listed as follows:

  • Mrs. Abaian ( girl school)

  • Misters: Jamali, Farhang, Javad, Alerassoul, Raiszadeh (No 1 boys school)

  • Sharifi, Nazemi, Bidarbakht (No. 2 boys school)

  • Mrs. Aria-zand, Mrs Tavakoli (shemiran girl school)

  • Mr Taheri (Shemiran)

  • Misters Zarezadegan, Aghashani (Ershad boys school No. 3)

  • Mrs. Ardalan (Elham girl school)

  • Mr. Vasighi; (boys pre-high school)

  • Mmes Iran Zandieh and Ezazi.(Peyvand-e-honar)

  • Mrs. Mokhtari (Peyvand-e-elm)

  • Mrs. Zandieh  Mrs Esfandiari (pre-girls high school Rasht Ave)

 5)  Vice Principals:

  • Misses Tavakol, Javadi, Esfandiari, Daneshkhah, Fardad, (Dokhtaraneh No 6)

  • Misters: Vaezi, Chitsaz, Farsad, Daneshmand, Mohammadi, Shahrestani, Sepanji Kamali (No. 1)

  • Mr. Azad (No2 Baharestan)

  • Misters: Barazandeh, Farahmand (Sezavar)

  • Mr Khakpour (Shemiran)

6)  Chairmen of the board of education Misters:

Azgomi, Firouznia, Bastani and Adibi (university entrance exams publications by correspondence)

7) Chairmen of Departments

Responsible for teachers’ selection and preparation for extra-curriculum of publication and university entrance exam quizzes were:

  • Mathematics: Misters. Azgomi. Firouznia.

  • Physics and Mechanics: Misters Radmanesh and Masoudi

  • Chemistry: Mr. Khorsand.

  • Natural Sciences: Misters Radmard, Siami, Faezi.

  • Literature: Misters Biazar, Mortezaian, Zohouri.

  • English Language: Misters Davoud Rasaie, Javadi, Keshmiri, Vosoughi.

  • Social Sciences: Misters Amir-Hosein Vasighi and Abass Mansour.



Photo from founders of Kharazmi Group, the five original founders: Azgomi, Behnia, Emami, Shahriari, Sheikh Rezaie. The last one, Mr. Sheikh Rezaei, is not in the picture. He departed from the group very early.

History of Kharazmi – By Bahram Emami

1- Years 1338 – 1339: Five people Mohammad Bagher Azgmi, Bagher Emami Tabrizi, Parviz Shahriari, Gholam Reza Behnia, Asghar Sheikh Rezaie got together and wrote books on mathematics for all levels of high school. These books were called Majmooeh Oloum. These books became so popular that just depending the fame and with empty pockets they decided to open a school.

2- Based on the name of famous Iranian mathematic scientist, Mohammad Ebn Abdollah Kharazmi, in year 1340 the Kharazmi was founded by the above mentioned people at Sezarvar street. This building is not the one on the corner but a small building which later became the language center for Kharazmi. The first “Modireh Madreseh” of Kharazmi was Mr. Vaezi at this place and Mr. Emami was the managing director of the “Gorouh Farhangi Kharazmi” till the day he separated in 1349.

3- The first year was so successful that it became one of the fastest growing companies. It was the policy of the group that they absorbed many talented teachers, even by giving them free share.

4- Dr. Arabof joined the group in 1342. This photo was in end of the year ceremony at 1343.

5- He was my teacher in 1344-1345 when I was in last year of high school.

6- Between 1345 to 1348 Dr. Arabof went Paris to get his Doctorate degree.

7- 1349 after return of Dr. Arabof the Kharazmi group were divided into three parties: One group stayed with Kharazmi, Mr. Behnia and Mr. Azgomi and Dr. Arabof. The second group left and established “Gorooh Farhangi Marjan”, Mr. Emami, Mr. Shahriari, Mr. Hafezi. The third party was the people who opened other schools affiliated with Kharazmi. Of course the people in each group had followers who stayed with them.

School year: 2035-2036

Mr. Saadollah Nemat Chemistry teacher, recovering from a serious illness

Mr. Banihashemi Physic teacher in Doktharaneh, Ershad, Shemiran

A great ID Card of Afsaneh Okhovat, Class of 1980

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