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Pictures of Azar #3 Jr. High and High School

Vaghean Ydesh Bakheir 1354

Mitra,Sori,Azam, Roya,Ferri, Carmen,Farifteh 1356

Behamrahe Khanon Sohrab (modir dabirestan)1354(Yadeshan bekheir)

Behamrahe Agheih Kosha behtarin dabir Shimi Iran 1354(yadash niko)

Behamrah dabir azizaman Aghaeh Ahmadi 1354 (yadash gerami)

Azae #3 today Contributed By: Nadia Hashemi

Main Building, 1980

Main Entrance, After Final Exams, 1980

School Yard, Behbatabad Building - 1980

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