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Pictures of Amir Kabir High School

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having fun with my brothers in my draem city, good for me
Contributed By: behrooz

In the way to Abadan (Aban/1389).

Welcome to Abadan (Aban/1389)

In the way to Abadan (Aban/1389)

In chemistry class, 1356-57.

Me (Behrooz Fathi) and my classmates, 1356-57.

Me (Behrooz Fathi) and Hamid Belghes Zadeh, 1356-57.

Me (Behrooz Fathi)and Shahab Mokhtari, 1356-57

Abadan Amirkabir highschool-students..1966-1967 دانش آموزان دبیرستان امیرکبیر آبادان درسال تحصیلی 1345-1346


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