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Pictures of Institute Mariam

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انيستيتو مريم

French Class - 1977 or early 1978

Institute Maryam (8th Grade)

Maryam (Mariam) Institute, Tehran, Iran around 1976.


Contributed By: Maryam Zahiroleslam

Here is the rest of the picture. I am the one wearing flowery dress.
Contributed By: Nona Gharani

This is my birthday party 1973/74. Here are my friends. People who am looking for. Do you know anyone?

Abbasseh Towfigh(standing on the left), Maryam Towfigh(below her), Abdi, our French teacher at Mariam (don't remember her name), Patricia (her daughter who also was in our class) and Atefeh Towfigh(far right)

From left to right: Abbasseh, Atefeh, Maryam & Abdi Towfigh (1973)-All 3 sisters went to Mariam.

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